Wood and Rose | Wedding

To me, the most important aspect of my wedding were the flowers. I had a very clear image of what I wanted, but was very frustrated to be unable to find someone who could accommodate. When a friend recommended Wood and Rose I knew that I didn't have to worry anymore. Stephanie listened to what I had to say and had so many great ideas in return. She was even able to incorporate elements that I didn't realize were possible or that I hadn't even though to include. She took my perfect image and made it even better. I am so grateful for Wood and Rose, they succeeded in giving me the beautiful wedding I always dreamed of.
- Lizzie

Wood and Rose | Tablescape

My grandmother passed away in June. One of her favorite things to do was to garden. She loves flowers. Roses were her favorite. When I asked Wood and Rose to create a tablescape for my grandmother’s reception, I told them 3 things. Her favorite color was red, she loved roses, and she was from the Middle East and we want it to feel like the Mediterranean. They took care of the rest. I was speechless. My aunts were crying because they knew those flowers represented my grandmothers life. Thank you for making that day so special!
- Kimberly

Wood and Rose | Narnia Arrangement

I am so pleased and excited to write this review for Wood and Rose floral design. The owner is sensitive to create wonderful arrangements using beautiful quality flowers that last. So very happy!  Please be sure to check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Job well done!  Thank you.
- Trish

Wood and Rose | Fall Arrangements

For every occasion and event I have had, I always think of Wood and Rose, because I know that they will do something truly unique, modern, and stunning in floral design. Whether it has been several bouquets or table arrangements; to see how they use local and in season flowers, plants, and items from nature is almost like opening a present; each turn of the arrangement a surprise as you see what little item she has tucked in (adorable little pumpkins in the fall, fresh cut wildflowers in the summer) and what dazzling colors are revealed. The arrangements stay fresh longer than any other florist I have used, we had several last for two weeks! Working with Wood and Rose I often give them a basic idea of what I want and let them use their artistry to create and I am never disappointed. To top it off, you could not ask to work with anyone more kind and helpful than Stephanie and her employees.
- Janna