Wood And Rose, LLC.

With a heart for the Lehigh Valley and beyond, we are committed to helping people with their event and making it more meaningful and special through staging and floral design. Our hard work goes toward making quality and fresh products and, with our 3 years of horticultural education, we process each flower with care. Building relationships with local farmers is important to us. We gather and pick from local farms, including our own garden! Working together as a family is also important to us—when it’s event time, it’s all hands on deck!
We design from the constant thought of how things would grow in a garden, truly giving it a natural look and feel.
We would love to turn your event dreams into a creative reality!

People often ask why floral design is so expensive, questioning if florists and event designers are trying to rip them off. I have found a wonderful resource that talks about the value of a flower. Casey from Going Bloom gives a beautiful description of why floral design is pricey:
The Value of a Flower